Good Morning everybody!


Jim LePage is an independent artist in Lummi Island, WA.

Known for bold and highly conceptual art and illustration work, Jim also has experience in art direction and leading a creative team for an in-house design studio as well as abstract painting.

From his site:

“Abstract painting provides a creative escape for me. I love the exploration of color and texture and how the mix of those can evoke different types of feelings and ideas. I experiment with different paints, mediums, and techniques and enjoy the surprise that comes from seeing them interact in new ways,” LePage says about his work.



Cheryl showed me this new use for a shipping container.



I love these bronze sculptures by Isabel Miramontes



A tool that was used by some of the great masters throughout history, the camera lucida is sort of like a camera obscure, but it projects an image on the desk in front of you.


You can also find similar versions on Amazon


Check out this cool platform that allows VR users to actually walk and run within the virtual environment.




That’s all for this week, have a fantastic one!



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