Inspiration Monday – 6/5

Sasha Vinci has a real sense of desperation in her sculptural works.

You can see a lot more of her art on her personal site


Omar Aqil reinterpreted Picasso ’s work in 3D. It allows the designer to observe how the abstract figures leave in three dimensions and how it changes our perception of the artworks.


Google Earth has just released “Voyager”  which gives you free themed, guided tours using street view. Of course you have to view it in the Chrome browser, but it’s pretty cool.



Director Guillermo del Toro of Pan’s Labyrinth and Hellboy fame says

“Matthew J. Levin’s portraiture is both quirky and mesmerizing. Each of his little sculptural sketches becomes a three-dimensional snapshot of the bizarre. Just as the eyes in a classical portrait are meant to “follow” you through the room, so will these disquieting Homunculi.”

Check out a few of Matthew J. Levin’s portraitures. Some are truly creepy…


As close as you can for as long as it lasts is an artwork made using fire, smoke and sound —a call and response between two artists—an oblique reference to the well-known history of yodeling in this particular landscape.

Douglas Gordon and Morgane Tscjeimber performed this piece in the mountains of Turbach, Switzerland.

Tscjeimber builds a fire, Gordon designs a sound installation of wild animals.




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