Inspiration Monday – 5/1

We’ve got inspiring installations & sculptures that intrigue! Check out our cool collection of creative imagery & videos we found browsing the web.

Good Morning everybody!

Let’s start with some of the cool things people have been sharing with me.

Nick sent me this change in perspective of synchronized swimmers.



Cheryl shared these really quirky figures from South American artist Luciano Polverigiani. He creates ceramic objects that lay at the intersection of fine art sculptures and toys, figures that are designed with both a playful and thoughtfully considered eye. Each work is produced from various clays and mud, then fired with eucalyptus wood in a gas kiln at the ideal temperature for vitrification. Although much of Polverigiani’s work is about experimentation with enamel and color glazes, the artist limits himself to materials that were readily available to ancient civilizations.


See more of his work on his Behance site


She also sent these beautiful photos of German pipe organs by Robert Götzfried



Jeff shared this art-fueled desert road trip called Desert X.



Watch this animated short film by Academy Award-winner John Kahrs in an ad for Lyft





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