Inspiration Monday – 4/24

Good Morning! This week we’re all about creative designs. Check out our collection of cool things we found browsing the web.


Isaiah shared the new digital launch from Deloitte. It’s so clean, with lots of negative space.

Deloitte Digital Launch (Global) from Deloitte Digital on Vimeo.


Oh, the way the tear-off ads have evolved… these are really novel designs!



I don’t know why I love these hobo nickels, but they are so creative and fun. Such cool artwork crafted from such a simple medium.



An illustration series trend that sparked up on Tumblr features gender-swapping celebrities and characters from the DC Comics universe. Going by ‘#DCBend’, the project does not shy away from depicting butt-kicking actresses like Sigourney Weaver as Bruce Wayne or Jennifer Connelly as Clark Kent. The series serves as a waving flag for gender equality and it’s just awesome! Head on over to ComicsAlliance for more of these sweet illustrations.



Finally, check out these cool lego designs. A bit unsettling, but pretty cool. I think your kids need to step up their game!



That’s it for today. Have a great week and be inspired!

For tips on designing your own masterpiece, check out our new Suite Ideas series.

And if you find any creative or funny work out there? Let us know




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