Inspiration Monday – 3/27

In today’s Inspiration Monday, see kids fight back against their nightmares. Plus, learn what Arabic character young people prefer if designed for their literal meanings. Check out this week’s collection of cool things we found while browsing the web.

We don’t get very political for Inspiration Monday, but this seems like a small step to save something so vital to our local communities. The current budget proposal sent before Congress would eliminate funding for public broadcasting.

It only cost about $1.35 per American each year, which is pretty minimal. Take a moment and go sign the petition asking Congress to continue the current funding for public media. Especially if you like and want to see more shows like Nova, Downton Abbey, Sherlock, Call the Midwife, Daniel Tiger, Nature, Antiques Roadshow…..


Here’s a great clip of Mr. Rogers appearing before the Senate in 1969 to express why public media is such a good idea and why it has become such an important part of our lives.

Westerners like myself often like Arabic characters for the simple reason that they look graphically pleasing. Mahmoud El Sayed, a graphic designer from Egypt, played with this and created a collection of educational illustrations that take the meaning of Arabic words, literally. By distorting each character, El Sayed makes the word look like its meaning. He created a total of 40 word-images that way on the artist’s Behance portfolio.


I love these illustrations of kids getting back at the monsters in their rooms.


Matthias Haker is a German urban explorer and freelance photographer with a keen eye. He finds derelict corners of the world, with no restoration projects going on to preserve their former glory, and captures the nostalgic beauty that haunts them. The location of these abandoned places is kept in secret in order to prevent them from being vandalized.


Each piece by Jennifer McCurdy is hand thrown on a potter’s wheel then meticulously carved by hand.


And finally, here’s a new program that allows you to convert your After Effects animation to native Android and iOS files.

And yes it’s from the design team at Airbnb.


Have a great week everyone!





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