Inspiration Monday – 2/27

In Today’s Inspiration Monday we cover a movie trailer (of course!), glow in the dark jewelry, and learn if you can get high on music? Check out this week’s collection of cool things we found while browsing the web.

Happy post-Oscar Monday

One of my favorite animated short nominees was Pear Cider and Cigarettes. I love the stylized look of the whole piece. See the trailer here, and you can watch on demand on Vimeo


Photographer Emilie Ristevski has a Pandora station to go along with her dreamy travel photography. This is a good story about it from Lost at E Minor (Pandora Link)


I like these rings and jewelry, they glow in the dark.


Christo Guelov has a pretty wide portfolio, but I love how he subverts normal things we see into art.

Scroll down to Funny Cross 1 and 2 to see his crosswalks.


Patrick Falterman quit his job and sold everything to go explore the Amazon. He chronicled his travels with hitchhiking guides and accounts of his adventures on Hitch The World. Sadly he was killed in a plane crash shortly after completing his journey.

His friend Cale illustrated a comic as a tribute to his friend.



Nervana makes headphones that send electrical impulses through your ear canal in time to the music. This stimulates the vagus nerve which promotes the creation of dopamine. In a matter of minutes, you’ll feel more elated and relaxed. Leaving some listeners a little confused

The device is around $300.


That’s it for today – Thanks for stopping by

Hope you have a chill week!



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