Inspiration Monday – 2/6

Today, Dave Taschler’s Inspiration Monday brings you the story of centuries-old wood carvings, a beloved Spanish graffiti artist, and a remarkable piece of art made by mother nature. Check out this week’s collection of cool things we found while browsing the web.

Good Morning everyone! Happy Monday after the Super Bowl… let’s get right to it.

Happy Monday after the Super Bowl… let’s get right to it.


You probably know about the Dodge Charger muscle car. You MAY even know about their 707 horsepower Hellcat.

But their latest development is known as – The Demon.  To celebrate this new model, Dodge started a campaign where they’re releasing a teaser video each week. Check out the fourth installment of the series and follow along each week at If You Know You Know.

These miniature wood carvings from the 16th Century have puzzled historians for decades. They are amazingly intricate


I love the style of these paintings from Taylor Hamilton


Technically it’s not a natural wonder, but it should be! This ice circle was formed in a Washington river when a chunk broke off and began to rotate in the slow moving waters. Eventually, the edges wore down and a perfect circle was formed.

Check out the video in the article!


Cubist graffiti with a realist twist…

Check out some of the murals Spanish artist Miguel Ángel Belinchón Bujesis is creating.


Want to try out new art supplies? Just like Graze and so many other subscription-based services, ArtSnacks sends you art supplies each month to try out.


That’s all for today. Have a great week!

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