24-Hour PBS KIDS!


2016 was a busy year with our partners at PBS KIDS. Between promos, packaging, and other branded moments, IMG created over 220 elements for the rollout of the new multi-platform 24/7 PBS KIDS Channel. This new channel will be available through local PBS stations and live-streamed on pbskids.org and the PBS KIDS Video App. 24-hour access will allow PBS KIDS to utilize their expansive library of programming and reach their target audience during primetime and other after-school hours, when family viewing is high. The 24/7 channel will include popular shows like: DANIEL TIGER’S NEIGHBORHOOD, ODD SQUAD, WILD KRATTS, SPLASH AND BUBBLES and more!

Being tasked with such a large job required a lot of IMG’s experts. From audio and editing, to design and animation, IMGers from all departments came together to help launch PBS’s next great idea. Check out a few examples below of what we created, and don’t forget to tune into the new PBS KIDS channel!

“Word of the Week” is a series of fun 15-second animations that introduces new vocabulary to children. Every week there will be a new animation featuring a different word.  For “Fiesta”, IMG created new characters that reflect PBS KIDS’ branding while also utilizing the popular Dot, Dee, and Del.


Holiday IDs are 15-second animations introducing children to different holidays throughout the year. For “Valentine’s Day”, PBS KIDS wanted to use concepts that children connect with love. This presented IMG with an opportunity to develop playful characters and animations while still staying on brand.

Valentine’s Day

“Try This at Home” is a collection of 15-second spots meant to be engaging and get kids active. Utilizing clips from actual shows gave our editing and audio departments an opportunity to shine. The theme of the spot below is “Running”, showing some of PBS KIDS’ most popular characters doing just that. Paired with an upbeat audio track, the spot is supposed to get kids excited and moving.


The end result is a happy client and we hope tons of happy kids. Marisa Nalevanko, PBS KIDS Senior Writer/Producer, even had a few nice words to say!

“The successful launch of the NEW PBS KIDS Channel couldn’t have been possible without the amazingly talented, creative and fun group of professionals at IMG.”


For more work from IMG, visit our Animation page!


Want to learn more about channel packaging or animation? Let’s Chat!

And be sure to check out some great programming on PBS KIDS.

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