Case Study: Intelsat


Intelsat, a leading provider of global satellite services, is at the forefront of developing innovative solutions for tomorrow’s communications challenges. For their new headquarters, Intelsat wanted a media wall to showcase their impressive fleet of 50 satellites. IMG embraced the challenge!

Using line drawings as a reference, our design team got to work creating a 3D photo-real animation of Intelsat’s entire fleet that displays across a 24 monitor display. IMG’s design features the satellite fleet as it orbits a gleaming earth. On select satellites, an infographic expands periodically highlighting its launch date, model, and coverage area.

Scientific accuracy was the main priority when building these complex satellite models. Our team of experienced modelers and animators worked closely with Intelsat’s engineers to ensure important detail were reflected in the animation. With the building under construction, IMG also held dual roles in design as well as technical consultation, ensuring seamless playback and a smooth installation.

The wall awes visitors with the serenity and vastness of space, enabling them to grasp the immensity of  Intelsat’s unmatched infrastructure. As a result of the success of the wall, IMG continues to create new products for Intelsat’s ever evolving brand.

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