Inspiration Monday – 11/14

Inspiration Monday is a collection of posts IMGers have found interesting. It might be artwork, an interesting article, a tool for work, or a funny video. Curated by Dave Taschler, our creative thinker who follows no thread. Just a collection of cool things we found browsing the web.

It’s optical illusion time as we look at some head scratching videos.

Cheryl found a few things on contemporist that were nice. I love this metal maze.



The Best Illusion of the Year Contest just wrapped up and played tricks our minds once again. You’re gonna want to check out some of the top entries.



Forget your hummingbird feeder, if you really want to see them up close get the wearable feeder.


Illustrator Mary Kate McDevitt did a hundred illustrations of people and their pets. Quirky and fun.


Dave Whyte animated these undulating geometric patterns, hypnotic.


Roisin Hahessy is teaching English and realized how strange some of our idioms are, so she illustrated them


I thought this was a nice collection of compliments that weren’t based on how someone looks.


Check out this crazy swimming pool that spans between two towers of an apartment.



Have a great week and build something awesome!

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