Case Study: CUNA


Taxes! Got your attention and so does the recently completed “Don’t Tax My CU” campaign for the Credit Union National Association. (CUNA)

Once again the largest trade association in the United States, serving nearly 7,000 credit unions, turned to IMG as their visual storyteller. CUNA needed to create a message that would educate Americans about the potential taxes imposed on Credit Unions.

The highly successful “Don’t Tax My CU” campaign is building on its past performance.

2014:  IMG created an animated canine named “my CU” as the star of the show. Steve Karp, IMG’s Director of Animation, designed the characters and brought them to life. Through sketches and storyboards, he created our hero dog’s world made completely out of money.


2016 brought a new set of challenges from CUNA & our artists.

IMG introduced a new character, a villainous feline named “Fat Cat”, and relocated these new adversaries to another dimension. Our graphics team then created an animatic, a rough sketch dictating the timing of the images, to finalize the flow of the project.


The biggest challenge for the second video was allowing the characters to move through Z-space.  The timing and animation had to be precise in order to navigate the complex scenes. But with great planning and inspired teamwork, IMG was able to move viewers through this whacky money world.


For more work from our creative team, check out our animation reel

And to get started on your very own animated adventure, Contact Us.

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