Inspiration Monday – 10/10

Wake Up! It’s Monday… Let’s get inspired

Inspiration Monday is a collection of posts IMGers have found interesting. It may be cool artwork, an article that makes you think, a tool to help with work, or just a funny video to get your mind off of it for a while.  Curated by Dave Taschler, our creative thinker who follows no thread. It’s just a weekly post of interesting pieces we’d like to share.

Good afternoon everybody!

Here’s a great gallery of alternative posters for famous movies


Dancing with light


A nice gallery of amazing photos


Ambition the film from the European Space Agency, shared by Will

It’s a really stunning visual trip.


Pejac, a street artist makes these nice bits of trickery.


For anyone from the DC area, I hope you’ve seen the Awakening. It used to be at Haynes Point, but it’s now at the National Harbor .  The artist was commissioned to do a copy for Chesterfield Arts in Chesterfield, MO. The sculpture is located adjacent to Chesterfield Central Park, near the intersection of Chesterfield Parkway and Park Circle Drive to the west of Chesterfield Mall.


Here’s a really nice take on the idea in Budapest.


And finally, maybe some for your sleeping…

Night-time exposure to blue light keeps people up late. An average person reading on a tablet for a couple hours before bed may find that their sleep is delayed by about an hour.

F.Lux is here to help. It shades your screen a warmer tone while you’re reading at night.


Be inspired and do great work!

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