Inspiration Monday 9/12

Inspiration Monday is a collection of posts IMGers have found interesting. It may be cool artwork, or an article that makes you think, a tool to help with work, or just a funny video to get your mind off of it for a while.  It’s just a weekly post of interesting pieces we’d like to share.

Good Morning Everyone

Today we look at some amazing (and a bit creepy) illustrations and try to hold on to summer with a cool underwater gadget!

I grew up water skiing and the SubWing takes it to another level. Go check out the videos on their site.

This is one of the coolest things I’ve seen in a while! I want one.


This one is just creepy, but it’s really thinking outside the box.

Artist Ayano Tsukimi went back to her hometown to find it mostly abandoned.


Check out Nicolas DeLort’s site and click on the slide show. It’s best to see these illustrations large.

There is so much detail in these scratch board designs.


Here is a really cool video from the band Flying Lotus. It has a walking cloud!

Created by filmmaker Markus Hofka, whose work is all pretty surreal.


Here’s some really fun/creepy illustrations by John Kenn.


Last but not least, who ever said there’s no I in Team



Everybody have a good week!

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