2016 Interfacial Hair Challenge

Election season is upon us and you know what this means – beards!

Or lack thereof…

This week we’re kicking off our 2016 Interfacial Hair Challenge!

The day after Labor day, all competitors showed up at IMG clean shaven for picture day. Over the course of the next month, they will let their beards grow. Weekly pictures will be taken to keep track of progress. All leading up to Tuesday, November 8th, when the competition closes and the polls open. Votes will be tallied and the Interfacial Champion will be crowned on November 11th.

There will be prizes for biggest beard and a few other fun categories. But only the winner of “Best Style” will get to take home the coveted rusty razor trophy.


The other categories will be announced before election day, but previous challenges have included:

  • Girth – Did this person have the capacity to live in the woods and become one with the wildlife?
  • Upside/Downside – How did this person look with facial hair compared to without?  Should this person always wear facial hair or is this just a travesty beyond repair?
  • Style Points – Who crushed the creativity points on election day?  Did you shave a TV into your beard?  Did you shave your head and your beard and then glue your beard hair to your head?  Did you have to empty the facial hair wax from 3 shops just to achieve your look?
  • Most likely to be Banned from a playground

Pervious Award-Winning Beards:

bd                     je


Let’s Take a Look at Our 2016 Competitors ! 


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