Inspiration Monday 7/25

Inspiration Monday is a collection of posts IMGers have found interesting. It may be cool artwork, an interesting article, a tool to help with work or just a funny video to get your mind off of it for a while.

Happy Monday everyone

This week we dug up some cool Augmented Reality videos and of course talked about Pokemon Go


Bob, Bannon and a few other people shared this one with us. A virtual tour through Van Gogh’s Starry Night. Use your mouse to pan around and look at the whole environment.



OK, so Pokemon Go is everywhere, but let’s be careful out there. If you find a very rare Pokemon located in a blacked out van, you might want to pass it by.



Here’s some tips for tricking yourself into doing those tasks you’re putting off and putting your time to good use.



JC shared this animation about noodles. It’s so cool you’ll want to watch it once for the sheer joy and again for the content.



Marina sent me this very cool bit of motion capture animation from Method Studios.



She also sent us this cool story about using augmented reality for teaching medical students.


Have a great week!

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