Inspiration Monday 6/27

Inspiration Monday is a collection of posts IMGers have found interesting. It may be cool artwork, an interesting article, a tool to help with work or just a funny video to get your mind off of it for a while.

Good morning everyone,

Today we’re looking at some beautiful natural art, some handy tools for designers, and a laughing Chewbacca?


Cheryl shared the news about this new work.

Floating Piers by Cristo is the newest installation by the pair who are famous for their large scale wrapping artworks. You can actually walk on the surface of this fabric pier that stretches from one shore of lake Iseo to the other and to an island in between.



She also sent this weird sculptural work by Rowan Mersh.  Comprised of thousands of tiny seashells.



She also shared this weird make up by Monticha Sriyoschati, a Thai makeup artist who fascinates her fans with her offbeat work.



Gianluca Gimini asks people to draw a bicycle from memory. Then he builds and renders the result in 3D.



Great tool for Designers

The Rijksmuseum only includes images of objects on its website whose copyright has expired or when permission has been secured from the copyright holder.


Images like this one from Rembrandt are in an interactive web page where you can zoom way in to see the details or download it to use however you want.


Jordana sent this one in.

Remember Beach by Snarkitecture? Here’s another twist on that idea. Art collective Dawn of Man used thousands of Ping Pong balls floating on a pool, with cool projection mapping. Explore their site, there are lots of videos with some very cool ways of presenting their art.



This one goes out to John Bennett, our resident roller coaster fan. This is Valvran, the world’s tallest and fastest roller coaster at Cedar Point in Ohio.  223 Feet tall, a 213 foot drop, 75 mph, all in under 2 minutes.


Here’s the point of view video


Just For Laughs

Still can’t get enough of the woman who bought a Wookie mask just for fun. Her laugh is so infectious it had everyone in graphics laughing.



That’s it today, get out there and be inspired, or find something inspiring, or just find something funny to lift your spirits.

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