Inspiration Monday 5/30


Cheryl shared a few cool things this week

This company make chairs from old motor scooter parts.

IM 1


Take a bunch of colored pencils, glue then together and pout them on a lathe. You get these cool turned vessels.

IM 2


Daniel Beltra does some really nice aerial photography.

IM 3


Puppies !

IM 4


High speed photos of waves look like glass.

IM 5


Alexa Meade paints people to look like they are paintings.

IM 6


John Bennett shared this amazing watercolorist painting a realistic eye in time lapse

IM 7


Tim sent around this one of a drone ballet with Mt Fuji as the back drop

IM 8


This music video uses handprinted images of a ballet dancer for each frame.

IM 9


Jordana shared this one of graffiti artists using hydrophobic paint. The poems only show up when it rains.

IM 10


Caitlin shared this one and I thought I should pass it along. The color palettes of different movies.

IM 11


Here’s a couple of cool things from Isaiah


Salt drawings

IM 12


A great idea for keeping that reminder with you.

IM 13


That’s it today, get out there and be inspired!